At Roasted Coffee Beans, we believe in connecting with people over a cup of coffee and getting to know them. We love trying new coffees from around the world, but we also have fun creating our own blends—our “House Picks”. We take pride in offering an authentic experience that leaves your palate and your heart satisfied, which is why we focus on quality and flavor above all else.
Back in 2010, we started our coffee journey in Kitchener, Ontario with a simple thought, we believe coffee should always be flavourful and fun. Whether it’s sourcing, roasting or brewing, coffee should help you fill up with good vibes. That’s why we take our beans to a whole new level: from the raw level to what you put in your cup.
We hand-choose each bean from among the best crop of each variety and roast it just for you. We have completed 1000 batches and tested dozens of roasting techniques, heating methods and profiles to arrive at our perfect roast profile for each bean.
We focus on creating a great cup of coffee for you by finding out what makes each coffee unique and finding the best way to highlight those qualities. We are a small roaster that takes the whole process from farm to cup very seriously. Whether its origin, variety, region, or processing we want every single step of the process to shine through in our product.